Add more SKUs, not bottlenecks

The European beverage market is experiencing an average growth rate of 5% year on year. Is your operation ready to meet this demand?


Transform your greatest challenges into opportunities

Consumer demands are driving the beverage industry to push operations both in the facility and on the delivery route.

SKU Proliferation

Consumer demand continues to drive unprecedented levels of SKU proliferation in the beverage industry – an item out-of-stock is still not an option.

Take charge of the invasion

  • Use variable height picking processes to increase SKU capacity
  • Place slower-moving SKUs above faster-moving ones for efficient access to frequently picked items
  • Add case flow lanes to pick lines to accommodate more SKUs
Beat the SKU influx

Delivery expectations

Increased urbanisation is pushing drivers to squeeze more stops into tighter delivery windows.

Exceed delivery demands

  • Stay charged longer and up to 2x faster with lithium-ion batteries
  • Help to empower your operator with greater maneuverability in tight spaces
  • Reduce stress and stabilise loads to help optimise control and operator confidence
Increase efficiency

Food safety

Your operations are essential and so is protecting them from contamination.

Make food safety non-negotiable

  • Reduce bacteria absorption by using impenetrable materials   
  • Achieve greater transparency to help isolate concerns to reduce product loss
  • Utilise approved, inspection-ready, non-toxic food-grade lubricants.
Ease sanitation concerns

Labour retention

Filling open positions with qualified labour is tough – retain your top talent and reduce turnover.

Retain talent and reduce turnover

  • Redirect workers to more value-added tasks by deploying robotic solutions
  • Offer advanced ergonomic lift truck solutions to help reduce musculoskeletal problems related to operation
  • Use telematics to simplify checklists and reinforce positive behavior
Automate repetition

Tight profit margins

Reduced operational costs amidst heightened competition and pricing pressures are resulting in lower margins.

Increase profitability and bring more to the table

  • Automate repetitive tasks and help reduce operating costs
  • Right-size your fleet, reduce administrative costs and extend useful life of equipment
  • Utilise solutions to help reduce picking costs and increase pallets moved per hour
Drive greater results


Take control with these game changing solutions

Get more product to retailers and in the hands of consumers.

Proven Approaches

Demonstrated to achieve results

Innovations to help improve throughput by reducing downtime, improving safety and ultimately lowering your operating costs.

Marston's Brewery: West Thurrock, UK

Yale and Briggs Equipment help Marston’s keep a firm grip on its stock.

Moving loads efficiently in the beverage industry can be a precarious business, particularly for a company such as Marston’s which handles kegs, casks, spirits and soft drinks at its 14 depots across the UK.

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Unlock cost savings and performance

With the industry’s widest range of power sources from a variety of brands, you can get the very best solution available in today’s market to maximise your operations - unrestricting your choice and a power solution built around your unique requirements for costs, labour, maintenance, emissions, space and more.

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