Yale Reliant™

Operator assistance system that supports forklift safety

When operators slip up, technology steps in

Prioritise forklift accident prevention

Staffing warehouses is already a massive strain. Don’t let the labour crisis become a safety crisis. Despite global productivity challenges, you’re expected to get orders out the door on time, every time. Full automation is years away from solving all the warehouse labour challenges, but certain technology can do more than just alert operators of potential hazards. You need a system that helps operators avoid them by limiting truck performance and load handling functions.


The annual warehouse employee turnover, a churn that intensifies your dependence on inexperienced operators.


The number of reported serious forklift safety accidents that happen each year, a risk that you need to contend with.


The cost of forklift accidents involving injured workers can cost as high as €34,000 in direct costs per injured worker.


Turn near-misses into adherence to best practices

Stop forklift safety incidents in their tracks

Lift truck accidents and close calls like these all too familiar? 

  • A pedestrian unexpectedly walks in front of a lift truck 
  • An operator travels too quickly through crowded areas or around turns  
  • A load slides off the forks and damages product  
  • A truck hits racking or other equipment

They might be today, but they don’t have to be tomorrow. Yale Reliant is designed to support operator awareness and intervene as needed, assisting operators by proactively limiting truck performance based on real-time conditions. 

Forklift stability support that doesn't overcorrect

When Yale Reliant intervenes, it does so carefully – not with abrupt shifts or jolts that can upset stability.  
The technology continuously measures the combined centre of gravity of the lift truck and load it carries. When a potential risk is detected, it determines the appropriate degree of performance adjustment to respond with, taking into account the forklift speed, acceleration, travel direction, steering angle, mast tilt and load weight, height and position.

Operator assist tech is a step you can take today

Yale Reliant keeps the operator in ultimate control of the lift truck, and assists operators by applying performance limitations in response to compromised stability, when obstacles are detected in the path of travel or in close proximity, and even based on rules you specify for certain areas of your warehouse.

Adjustments, such as a reduction to travel speed or a smoothing of fork lift or tilt movement, are carefully measured to avoid abrupt shifts or jerks that can upset stability. The changes are still noticeable enough for operators to feel, but the system also communicates the cause through a display screen, providing an additional layer of feedback to help reinforce proper operation established during training.

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