Food Processing & Agriculture

Meet and exceed food safety regulations

How are you reducing contamination?


Transform your greatest challenges into opportunities’

Contamination can come from many places; increase sanitation efforts and reduce your risk.

Food safety

Your operations are essential and so is protecting them from contamination.

Make food safety non-negotiable

  • Reduce bacteria absorption by using impenetrable materials
  • Achieve greater transparency and  help to preserve food in appropriate cold temperatures
Ease sanitation concerns

Harsh, extreme environments

Withstand your most extreme operating conditions, while reducing your overall cost of maintenance and operation.

Exposed to corrosive agents

  • Help protect against harsh, corrosive elements with galvanized products
  • Help reduce food contamination by reducing rust and repainting needs
  • Overcome sanitation challenges with impenetrable materials
Wash rubbish down the drain, not your profits

Labor retention

Filling open positions with qualified labor is tough – retain your top talent and reduce turnover.

Retain talent and reduce turnover

  • Take charge with efficient practices and equipment tailored to the operator’s skill level
  • Offer advanced ergonomic solutions to reduce muscular and skeletal problems
  • Use telematics solutions to track truck access and training updates
Alleviate labor strains

Tight profit margins

Heightened competition is increasing pricing pressures, resulting in lower margins.

Increase profitability and bring more to the table

  • Use telematics to optimize travel time and costs
  • Right-size your fleet, reduce administrative costs and extend useful life of equipment
  • Utilize solutions to help reduce picking costs and increase pallets moved per hour
Drive greater results


Take control with these game changing solutions

Keep food safety and traceability in check, while meeting strict guidelines and increasing consumer demands.

Proven Approaches

Demonstrated to achieve results

Innovations designed to help increase operational efficiency and achieve next level performance.

How Legal Sea Foods handles harsh environments.

Exposing equipment to hard, corrosive environments can increase the likelihood for downtime and possibly a shorter useful life.  Check out how Legal Foods got back two additional years out of their trucks.

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Reclaim your space

By changing from lead acid to hydrogen fuel cells, this food producer not only opened up floor space, but they greatly increased productivity which allows their trucks to run at 100% power all shift long.

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Enhancing productivity through safety

Tight deadlines and throughput-based incentives may cause operators to overlook safe operating procedures, resulting in costly violations or accidents.

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Unlock cost savings and performance

With the industry’s widest range of power sources from a variety of brands, you can get the very best solution available in today’s market to maximize your operations - unrestricting your choice and a power solution built around your unique requirements for costs, labor, maintenance, emissions, space and more.

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Impenetrable Materials

With increasing efforts to boost sanitation and disinfection, closed cell rubber and engineered composites allow for thorough surface sanitization of equipment through non-porous cells and reduces vapor transmission making touch points less likely to absorb water or bacteria.

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