4 Wheel IC Forklift Pneumatic Tire

Increased uptime with unmatched productivity


The Veracitor® GP-VX series can be configured as a high-performance solution with low cost of operation for medium- to heavy-duty indoor and outdoor applications, ranging from 4000-5500kg capacities.

  • Customizable for the application
  • Ergonomic features
  • Reduced cost of operation
  • Attachment options
  • High performance engine
Industry Best

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Performance in medium- to heavy-duty applications

Rugged truck with variety of options

Customizable for the application

Each truck in the Veracitor® VX series is customizable with packages for specific needs, ranging from medium- to heavy-duty applications.

Engine options:

  • PSI 4.3L V-6
  • Kubota 3.8L LPG
  • Kubota 3.8L Dual Fuel
  • Kubota 3.8L Turbo Diesel

All engines feature Yale® Flex Performance Technology™, which allows operators to boost fuel economy or turn up performance to maximize productivity during peaks

Transmission options:

  • Electronic Powershift - smooth electronic inching, electronic shift control and heavy duty clutch packs
  • Techtronix 100 (optional) - all features of the standard transmission, plus controlled power reverse, controlled rollback and auto deceleration system to help extend tire and brake life up to 50%
Ergonomic features

The GP-VX series is packed with operator-friendly features to help stave off fatigue and keep productivity and focus high, all shift long.

  • Hi-Vis™ mast and overheard guard design offer clear operator visibility
  • Low step height, increased shoulder clearance and easy right-side access for simple entry and exit
  • Isolated powertrain reduces noise and vibration
  • Continuous Stability System (CSS) reduces truck lean in turns for improved lateral stability and uses an innovative steer axle mounting design for superior travel over uneven surfaces
Reduced cost of operation

The purchase price of a truck is only a small part of its overall cost. A lift truck’s cost of ownership is the largest portion of dollars spent and includes such elements as periodic maintenance, unscheduled repairs, tires, brakes and fuel costs. That's why Yale engineers made the GP-VX series with world-class serviceability and unparalleled dependability.

  • Floor plate requires no tools to remove and offers complete access to the powertrain
  • Innovative cooling system enables lower operating temperatures through excellent airflow through optimized ducting and high volume tunnels
  • Reliable electronics, including sealed connectors, enable entire truck to be pressure washed
  • Auto deceleration system (standard on the Techtronix 100 transmission) reduces brake usage and associated wear and maintenance
  • Intellix VSM vehicle systems manager (optional) continuously monitors truck functions and immediately alerts operators of service needs
Attachment options

The Veracitor series offers a variety of attachment packages to provide the right tool to drive lasting productivity in your operation.

  • Rotator attachment - secure, 360- and 180-degree rotation of food ingredients, liquid metal, chemicals, waste and scrap
  • Paper clamp attachment - fast, accurate 180-degree rotation with adjustable clamping pressure for paper roll handling 
  • Bale clamp attachment - wide selection of opening ranges and arm dimensions for efficient transportation of pulp, waste and recycled paper, aluminum and clothing bales
High performance engine

High performance heavy-duty industrial engines deliver power efficiently with 500-hour service intervals. All engines feature cast iron blocks and five main bearing design with exhaust valve seats to ensure long operating life. Engines are fully isolated from the frame and axle resulting in low vehicle noise and vibration levels. Super quick glow plugs allow the engine to start quickly and reliably under cold conditions, delivering a cleaner exhaust by advancing the fuel injection timing based on water temperature. In addition, new performance optimisation developments are included such as cooling on demand, load sensing hydraulics (power on demand), RPM management and alternate engine idle speed to help further reduce the total fuel consumption in most applications. The energy-efficient ECO-eLo performance mode reduces energy consumption by up to 15% compared with previous generation engines and without compromising productivity.


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