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Yale® MP20 Launch

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April 5th, 2013

There’s nothing pedestrian about Yale's MP20 Pedestrian Pallet Trucks.

As with every product developed by a world leader in materials handling equipment, there’s nothing ordinary about Yale’s Pedestrian Pallet Trucks.

In typical Yale fashion they’re quite extraordinary in their ability to combine operator comfort and reliable performance with energy efficiency and low-maintenance operation.Yale MP20 Press Release  

Offering a choice of 1125 or 1173mm long forks, with a 670mm fork spread and a 2000kg load capacity, the Yale MP20 is the handy heavy lifter that’s not light on features.

As expected, Yale’s hardworking MP20 Pedestrian Pallet Trucks incorporate clever design features which enhance ease of use and operator comfort. These include an impact-resistant, ergonomically designed mid-mount control handle with cushioned return spring plus a large, turn-table steel bearing for improved manoeuvrability with reduced steering effort.

Performance is also enhanced by a short tilt control arm which delivers a tight turning radius, while cost of ownership is reduced thanks to low-maintenance brushless AC traction control and the tough and durable new frame design. In fact, the list of features goes on and on, just like these hard working pallet trucks.

Yale MP20 Pedestrian Pallet Trucks are ideal for use in applications including logistics operations, intensive vehicle and trailer charging and discharging, cross docking and horizontal transport over medium to long distances, order picking and production line feed in temperatures ranging from 0 to 49°C.

Indeed, if you have loads to lift and shift, Yale’s MP20 Series Pedestrian Pallet Trucks can make your job a walk in the park.

For more information on the Yale MP20 Pedestrian Pallet Truck visit the MP20 product page or use the Dealer Locator to find your nearest Yale dealer.