• Accessories Overview

    Discover the options that can increase your operators and trucks productivity…

    Yale makes a wide range of accessories that can be used in your application and work environment.

  • Working lights


    • Yale offers a number of lighting options to meet customer application needs.
    • Options include LED and halogen lighting designed to resist damaging effects of weather, shock and vibration while increasing visibility in low ambient light environments. 

    Optional warning devices available


    • LED strobe lights – may alert pedestrians and other equipment operators of the presence of equipment. Low mounted strobe light options can include a shield to prevent the strobe from shining in the operator’s field of view.
    • Rear drive handle with horn button – provides a secure location for the operator’s right hand that is inboard of the truck for impact protection when driving in reverse. Handle includes a horn button to allow the operator to sound the horn without having to move a hand to the center of the steering wheel.
    • Reverse operation audible alarm –alerts pedestrians and other equipment operators of the presence of the equipment.

    Audible and visible warning devices


    • Additional warning devices may be beneficial in certain applications.  It depends on factors specific to each individual workplace, and may require the assistance of a qualified safety professional to evaluate.
    • In determining whether an audible or visible device may be beneficial in a particular work environment, several factors, including the following, should be considered:

    Visible devices - Flashing, rotating, and strobe lights

    • Placement of visual devices must be considered based on use of the equipment and workplace conditions. 
    • Lights must clear low overhead obstructions and must not shine or reflect excessively into the operator’s eyes. 
    • Shielding may limit the light’s visibility to pedestrians.
    • Light color should be different from lights used on stationary equipment or background colors in the workplace.
    • Workplace lighting conditions and reflective surfaces.

    Audible devices - Back-up or motion alarms

    • Sound produced must be loud enough to be heard over other noise in the operating area.
    • Sound should be readily distinguishable from other noise or audible devices in the work area.
    • Audible device may contribute to employee noise exposure and exceed national or international noise limitation.
    • Hearing protection makes it more difficult to hear the audible device and to determine the direction and distance from which the sound is coming.
    • Audible devices can be annoying to operators and workers, and may be deactivated.
    • Audible devices may also be objectionable to nearby residents.

    Additional operator and application options


    • Enclosed operator cabins – protect the operator from the elements and features tempered with greater strength and an emergency exit via window removal. Additional sound-proofing to reduce noise levels at the operator’s ear is standard.
    • Operator selectable performance modes – these allow the supervisor or operator to select the performance most appropriate for the specific application. They also allow a supervisor to set the maximum. performance of a unit for a new operator. Reducing the maximum performance of the unit allows a new operator to learn the operating characteristics of the unit in a controlled manner. 
    • Impact monitor – this disables the equipment being used and requires supervisor override to re-enable the equipment. This encourages the operator to use the unit in a more controlled manner. 
    • Panoramic and dual rear view mirrors – These serve as an aid to the operator in observing the operating environment behind the truck and in the tail swing area. 
    • UL GS, LPS, DS – an ‘Underwriter’s Laboratory’ (UL) rating label, with approved construction standard details, provides users with information on the additional resistance against the creation of sparks provided by the equipment, which includes a mechanical main battery disconnect in the event of a product malfunction.  
    • Auto Park Brake – the park brake is automatically applied when the truck comes to a stop and no accelerator input is requested. This feature prevents the forklift from moving in the event the operator fails to apply the brake.

  • For more information on parts and accessories for your application, contact your local Yale® Dealer.