Yale® ERP15-35UX Truck  

4 Wheel Electric Counterbalanced Trucks

The Yale® UX Series provides the ideal solution to meet your less frequent usage needs, without compromising on performance.

The ERP15-35UX range is available in six different capacities:

  • 1,500KG – ERP15UX / 1,800KG – ERP18UX
  • 2,000KG – ERP20UX / 2,500KG – ERP25UX
  • 3,000KG – ERP30UX / 3,500KG – ERP35UX


The UX series was engineered with the driver at the forefront of the design process. The operator compartment has been configured to enable the driver to work effortlessly and in comfort, allowing easy accessibility and controllability. A range of standard and optioned features are available for this range to enable the user to configure the truck to its application-specific needs.

Low Cost of Ownership

With the use of high quality and robust components, the UX series provides the driver with reliable operations and lower wear and tear. Coupled with fast availability of genuine and cost-effective replacement parts is what helps to reduce the maintenance costs and requirements.



ModelLoad Capacity (kg)Load Centre (mm)Lift Height (mm)Battery V / AhWeight (kg)
ERP15UX1500500300048 / 4202950
ERP18UX1800500300048 / 4203230
ERP20UX2000500300048 / 6003930
ERP25UX2500500300048 / 6004100
ERP30UX3000500300080 / 5004750
ERP35UX3500500300080 / 5005400


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