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Storage solution experts Unirack select efficient new Yale® UX Series forklift with service backing of Adaptalift Group

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National family-owned storage solution, warehousing and materials handling experts Unirack have added a new Yale GP25UX forklift to their WA warehouse to add further efficiency to their loading, order picking and workshop operations.

Unirack has become one of the first Australasian companies to use one of the new Yale UX Series forklifts, which were recently introduced to meet market demands for a cost-efficient forklift with robust components and strong service backing.

The new Yale GP25UX internal combustion (IC) counterbalance, pneumatic tyre forklift, with 2,500kg capacity, was delivered by authorised Yale dealer Adaptalift Group, which will also be providing ongoing service, maintenance and spare parts to provide Unirack with optimised uptime and longevity.Unirack Story

“We were in the market for a new forklift, with business expanding, and we’d heard positive reviews for Yale, including from our immediate business neighbour,” said Mr Rudy Proctor, Managing Director, Unirack.

The Yale GP25UX forklift is part of Yale’s new UX Series, which has been designed to provide an effective solution to meet less frequent usage needs, while still meeting performance requirements.

“The experience we had with Adaptalift was outstanding. Instead of selling the first forklift they could think of, they took the time to come out to our warehouse, assess our needs, and provide a recommendation that best suited our unique operations. It was a first-class approach,” said Mr Proctor.

With operations in all major Australian cities, Unirack specialises in warehouse racking, shelving, storage, materials handling, work benches, safety products and accessories. The company plans to use the forklift for a range of loading, unloading and order picking tasks in its 2,000m2 facility in O’Connor, WA.

“The other major factor in our decision to buy this forklift was the local back-up. This is an investment we plan to keep for many years, and we needed the local service and spare parts that Adaptalift can provide us with,” said Mr Proctor.

“Of course, the Yale has all the safety features anyone could need in a forklift, which gives me peace of mind when it comes to Standards compliance and the safety of our employees,” he said.

Adaptalift WA Major Accounts Manager Jube Shuttleworth says Unirack are known locally for their solutions-based approach and attentive customer service. “It was great to be able to find the right forklift for their needs, and I’m delighted that they are seeing it as a costeffective long-term investment,” he said.

Yale GP20-35UX Series advantages

The Yale GP20-35UX Series has been designed for low cost of ownership (TCO), through the use of high quality, robust components, efficient filtration and excellent cooling. Costeffective spare parts availability further enhances TCO.Unirack Yale-GP20-35UX

Other major advantages include serviceability – with simple components and specifications to allow for service to be carried out swiftly – and ease of operation with an ergonomically designed operator compartment and familiar automotive layout.

“What differentiates the UX Series from other offerings on the market today is that these trucks are backed by a network of specially chosen, experienced, independent distributors, professional dealers and service providers who offer a wide range of support services to their customers,” says Yale Area Business Director, Pacific, Mr Mark Chaffey.

“Offering a solution which reliably meets productivity targets, while keeping operating costs low, the Yale UX range has been designed to be easy to operate and to maintain, delivering a “Simply Efficient” solution to individual user needs.”

Features include:


  • Yale special display with 3.5” LCD
  • Large foot room on floor plate
  • Dual suspension system
  • Hand parking brake lever with button greatly reduces fatigue in operation
  • Small diameter steering wheel with adjustable steering column

Safety and Stability

  • Wide view mast
  • High strength overhead guard
  • Muffler and engine protective system
  • Low centre of gravity

Easy Maintenance

  • Large access area for service and repairs
  • Simple components
  • Computer-based diagnostics not required
  • Triplex plate overhead guard
  • Exchangeable components across models

Environmental Protection

  • Triplex plate overhead guard
  • Exchangeable components across models

Visit for more information or to find a local Yale® dealer.