• Warehouse Simulator

    Can you be sure your warehouse is running as efficiently as possible? 

    Are you certain your forklift truck fleet is being utilised to its full potential?

    Yale Warehouse SimulationYale Warehouse Simulator is an ingenious programme designed to help you identify the precise make-up of the fleet required to best meet your individual operation’s requirements. Increasing your productivity and contributing to reducing your cost of ownership.

    Used as part of a toolkit of methodologies and software, and based on realistic data and assumptions, we’ll discuss your specific requirements (for example, the total number of pallets that need to be stored) and put together racking layout drawings.

    Once agreed, we can call on our vast industry experience and expertise to provide you with a solution that will achieve your objectives.

    We can: 

    • Determine your current fleet performance, in terms of hours used. If the hours are excessive and placing a burden on maintenance requirements, Yale Simulator can recommend a fleet make-up that brings down the hours to within reasonable limits whilst still satisfying throughput requirements.
    • Calculate the size of fleet required to move a prescribed number of pallets within specific utilisation limits
    • Identify the size and type of fleet required to move a theoretical maximum of pallets based on utilisation limits, in the event of limited customer information

    The Yale Warehouse Simulator can also be used to address other common issues in the warehouse environment. 


    When there’s an ever-increasing warehouse load to be handled, it’s not just a case of increasing the number of trucks. If the aisles are already occupied, this just leads to hold-ups and diminishing productivity levels. The Yale Warehouse Simulator is unique in directly modelling congestion and its effects, even on a lightly-loaded warehouse.

    Size of staging and marshalling areas

    Using the Yale Warehouse Simulator can predict utilisation of these areas and their effect on free-movement of pallets through the warehouse ensuring that areas are right-sized for the projected throughput.


    The Yale Warehouse Simulator will also take into account possible bottlenecking problems at touch points for example Pick and Drop areas at the ends of racks, and packing and wrapping areas.

    Order picking

    Where goods are stored, the picking time of a truck at a particular location and the overall length of cycle can all be assessed. By applying our long industry expertise, we can look at more cost effective options and their likely impact on your operation – providing you with a more affordable solution in the traditionally complex and high cost order-picking environment.

    If you’d like to see how the Yale Warehouse Simulator can make a real difference to your operation, please complete the short information request form below and a member of the Sales Simulator team will contact you.










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