• Manage cost, optimize productivity and protect your assets

    Yale Vision wireless asset management

    Take your fleet operation to the next level with Yale Vision wireless asset management. This system helps you to deliver fleet efficiency, improve operator performance, reduce your carbon footprint and lower your overall material handling costs.

    Yale Asset Management webpage2bManage your total cost of operation

    Thecomprehensive monitoring and reporting of operational costs through Yale Vision, enables you to manage truck, fleet and labour assets, including contract costs, maintenance, acquisition and more. Cost of operation can be viewed and analysed by truck, by fleet and by location. You can benefit from increased knowledge of actual fleet utilization and costs, to help you get the best value from your lift trucks.

    Yale Asset Management webpage2cEnsure maximum productivity from your lift truck investment

    Your lift truck fleet represents a significant investment, whether you own or lease, requiring protection from abuse, neglect and unauthorized operation. With impact sensing, periodic maintenance tracking and access control, Yale Vision helps promote improved operator performance. Using your own pre-shift and post-start checklists, the access control option ensures that the truck will not operate until the operator has completed the inspection. This delivers peace of mind around the clock and throughout the fleet, wherever your trucks are located. 

    Monitor operator behavior, promote safety 

    See what your fleet is doing with Yale Vision. With remote hour meter/usage tracking records, you will have access to data and reports showing utilization from individual trucks all the way to entire fleets. This data enables optimization of fleet size, structure and location for maximum productivity and minimum idle time. When it comes to fleet management, Yale Vision helps you to maximise your fleet productivity and efficiency.

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