We’re evolving with you for tomorrow’s warehouse

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You can’t just work harder.

You need lift truck solutions to work smarter

You can’t just work harder. You need lift truck solutions to work smarter

Close-up of a warehouse worker’s hands controlling an MP20X low-lift pallet truck Person charging a 4 wheel electric forklift A warehouse worker operates a forklift

At Yale, our product design is focused on you - translating your challenges into problem-solving equipment. Our smart design philosophy is about putting the customer first. By understanding your needs and challenges, we're able build products that truly meet your demands. We engineer lift trucks to deliver advantages in productivity, energy efficiency, and total cost of ownership

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Lift trucks for uptime and productivity.

When it comes to reliability, Yale is a name you can trust.

A Yale robotic counterbalanced stacker lifting a box onto a warehouse rack

We understand that uptime and productivity are essential in the warehouse space, as this reduces the cost of overtime and customer complaints. And that is why we engineer our trucks for long service intervals and make it our mission to keep your total cost of ownership low. With Yale you have a materials handling partner you can rely on.

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You need dealers wholly focused on your success.

A warehouse worker pulls a Yale pallet truck with full pallet-load

A dedicated partner, with expert support and solutions.

Two warehouse workers with hard hats on walking down an aisle, with one holding a clipboard
A maintenance technician adjusts part of a forklift engine with tool A maintenance technician kneels down to look at a Yale end rider’s mechanical system Two warehouse workers, one wearing a hard hat look at a clipboard in hand

We know that dealer support is critical to your uptime and productivity. That’s why our dealers are intentionally independent. Their success depends on your success, so they’re focused on understanding your business and are dedicated to providing the support and solutions you need. By partnering with a Yale dealer, you're not just getting a lift truck, you're getting a dedicated partner in your success.

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Customer-driven. Reliable. Backed by seamless dealer support.
That’s Yale Lift Truck Technologies.

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