Model 21 PH


Double pallet handler

Flexibility to suit all applications

The double pallet handler, available from Yale® as both a factory fit and aftermarket option, combines exceptional robustnessand high operational flexibility with an optimum of visibility on all levels for an outstanding handling solution.

  • Fast speed-of-operation to cater for high volume logistics & warehousing
  • Unique Shaft-Guide-System, clean operation, low energy consumption
  • Designed for minimum service requirements and is easy to maintain
  • Optimum visibility and efficient design for high residual capacity
  • Solutions to handle from 2 to 8 pallets at once, special designs available


ModelLoad Capacity (kg)Load Centre (mm)Weight (kg)Fork Length
MEYER TM 21PH22B - 56SG - 2A22006005151500
MEYER 21PH26B - 56SG - 3A26006005521500
MEYER 21PH32B - 56SG - 3A32006005991500




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