• Energy Efficient, Lithium-ion Batteries Solutions

    Lithium-ion batteries

    Yale Li-ion LogoYale Europe Materials Handling develops forklift trucks to respond to market needs.

    Yale not only continues to develop its range of internal combustion engine trucks and electric trucks, but is also looking forward by investing in new technologies for future requirements of customers.

    Yale® Lithium-ion (Li-ion) solutions will help customers deliver increased productivity and have better utilisation in multi-shift applications through eliminating the need for replacement batteries and battery change-overs.

    Due to fast charging times and opportunity charging, the operating range of the Li-ion battery can be extended and a single battery can support use of the truck over two or three shifts. Li-ion batteries are virtually emission- and maintenance-free.

    With over 3,750 cycles at 80% discharge, Yale Li-ion batteries have three times the life of lead-acid batteries. Li-ion batteries and chargers are also inherently energy efficient and, compared to lead-acid batteries, can provide savings of up to 30%.

    As the total cost of ownership can be reduced in appropriate applications, the initial cost premium of Li-ion batteries can be recovered with payback periods as low as two or three years in multiple shift operations.

    Yale offers Li-ion options on the following truck models:

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