Disel LPG Forklift Truck  

Diesel or LPG Forklift Truck

Take control of your material handling costs

Do more, cost effectively

In your busy warehouse or logistics operation, you need to know exactly how much your forklift trucks are costing you. We understand that you need to reduce expenditure for parts, repairs, servicing and fuel without compromising productivity. 

The Veracitor VX offers longer service intervals, innovative technology to reduce brake and tyre wear, and outstanding engineering quality. 

Fuel efficiency is built in. The Yanmar 2.6L diesel engine consumes as little as 3.0 litres per hour, while the LPG engine range delivers new levels of performance. 

Coupled with flexible options from Yale Finance, now is the time to take control of your material handling costs.

Highest levels of productivity, ergonomics and dependability that deliver low lifetime ownership and running costs


gas forkliftIdeally suited for medium to intensive duty work cycle businesses, the VX series excels in:

  • Logistics and distribution 
  • Large warehousing applications 
  • Manufacturing 
  • Industrial chemicals



Take control with the new VX Gold Edition

To celebrate the continued success of the Veracitor truck, we are introducing the Gold Edition for 2 to 3.5 tonne trucks. The Yale Gold Edition VX Veracitor includes the following accessories as standard: 

  • Operator password function
  • LED lights
  • Return to Set Tilt when e-hydraulics is ordered
  • Vinyl Sears Air Suspension Seat
  • Powertrain protection and Speed Limiter when Techtronix transmission is ordered
  • Extended Warranty of 2 years/4000 hours 

The cloth Sear Air Suspension Seat is also available as an option on the Gold Edition. The Yale Gold Edition VX Veracitor contains all the standard features of a 2-3.5t truck with the added benefits, enhancing user ergonomics, productivity and reliability.

Take control of

Yale diesel forklift truck

Take control of ongoing costs

  • Load Sensing Hydraulics deliver increased operational efficiency 
  • Oil immersed brakes provide a distinct advantage when operating in harsh and heavy duty environments 
  • Improved serviceability reduces labour costs associated with periodic maintenance and unscheduled repairs 
  • Diesel engine uses as little as 3.0 litres per hour* fuel consumption contributing to reduced fuel costs 
  • Continuous Stability Enhancement (CSE) system provides a stable platform for load handling 
  • ECO-eLo mode gives further efficiency improvement with minimal reduction in performance 
  • Innovative cooling system reduces operating temperature allowing the truck to run longer without overheating 
  • Trelleborg Pit Stop Line Tyres with visual replacement indicators combined with Controlled Power Reversal (CPR) and Auto Deceleration System (ADS) reduce wear on brakes and extends tyre life by up to 60%

* 3.0 litres per hour is the fuel consumption for the GDP25VX equipped with Yanmar 2.6L diesel engine, load-sensing hydraulics and PSS tyres when tested on the industry standard VDI 2198 fuel consumption cycle.

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gas forklift

Take control with Yale serviceability

  • Intellix Vehicle Service Manager (VSM) monitors functions and alerts the operator to any service needs 
  • Service life of 20,000 hours 
  • Service engineers on site within 4 hours 
  • CANbus electrical system reduces the complexity of the wiring 
  • Rugged powertrain delivers exceptional durability 
  • Engine and transmission telemetry monitors the truck and alerts service engineers to potential issues 
  • State of the art on-board diagnostics with advanced dash display 
  • Yale diesel forklifts serviceability
  • O-ring face seals on all hydraulic connections create leak free joints
  • Shock mounted radiators 
  • Sensors and switches are sealed and require no adjustments
  • Easy floor plate removal for engineer access no tools required
  • Engine is built for purpose and delivers high torque at low revs
  • Ideally suited to a wide range of challenging weather conditions
  • Application matched cooling system increases component life and minimise the risk of overheating
  • Most reliable and comprehensive parts availability in the industry

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Take control of productivity with operator comfort

Key ergonomic features include:

  • Yale forklift joystickThree options for directional control
    • AccuTouch™ mini lever hydraulic control module
    • Yale two-way directional pedal
    • Ergonomically designed joystick
  • Interactive dash display 
  • Fully adjustable suspension seat with a swivel seat option
  • Low noise hydraulic pump 
  • Infinitely adjustable steering column 
  • Rear drive handle with horn 
  • Low level noise operator cab

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Take control with SPED tailored solutions

Solutions tailored for youSPED - Special Products Engineering Department.

For every unique materials handling problem, we can develop a unique tailored solution.

The most popular SPED modifications include:

  • Additional operator protection  
  • Double deep applications 
  • Cold store warehouses  
  • Hazardous environment equipment
  • Drive in racking 
  • Special mast configurations 
  • Different lighting options 
  • Trucks with special operator access 
  • Clamp, rotator, reel and roll handling accessories 
  • Different keypad and fob solutions for special operator access needs  
  • Vehicle movers

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ModelModel DesignationLoad Capacity (kg)Load Centre (mm)Lift Height (mm)EngineTransmission
GDP/GLP20VXBase2000500 6000Yanmar 2.6L Diesel / PSI 2.4L LPGStandard Electronic 1-Speed
GDP/GLP25VXBase2500500 6000Yanmar 2.6L / 3.3L Diesel / PSI 2.4L LPGStandard Electronic 1-Speed
GDP/GLP30VXBase3000500 5815Yanmar 2.6L / 3.3L Diesel / PSI 2.4L LPGStandard Electronic 1-Speed
GDP/GLP35VXBase3500500 5815Yanmar 3.3L Diesel / PSI 2.4L LPGStandard Electronic 1-Speed
GDP/GLP20VXValue2000500 6000Yanmar 2.6L Diesel / PSI 2.4L LPGTechtronix 100 1-Speed / Techtronix 200 2-Speed
GDP/GLP25VXValue2500500 6000Yanmar 2.6L / 3.0L Diesel / PSI 2.4L LPGTechtronix 100 1-Speed / Techtronix 200 2-Speed
GDP/GLP30VXValue3000500 5815Yanmar 2.6L / 3.0L Diesel / PSI 2.4L LPGTechtronix 100 1-Speed / Techtronix 200 2-Speed
GDP/GLP35VXValue3500500 5815Yanmar 3.0L / 3.3L Diesel / PSI 2.4L LPGTechtronix 100 1-Speed / Techtronix 200 2-Speed
GDP/GLP20VXProductivity2000500 6000Kubota 2.5L LPGTechtronix 200 2-Speed
GDP/GLP25VXProductivity2500500 6000Kubota 2.5L LPGTechtronix 200 2-Speed
GDP/GLP30VXProductivity3000500 5815Kubota 2.5L LPGTechtronix 200 2-Speed
GDP/GLP35VXProductivity3500500 5815Kubota 2.5L LPGTechtronix 200 2-Speed


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VX16-35 Range

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