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Pedestrian Stackers

A low cost materials handling solution that makes the most of valuable warehouse space

The MS10-12E compact pedestrian pallet stacker has been designed to be as operator friendly as possible with smooth drive, lift and lower control to provide effortless manoeuvrability in the tightest corners of the warehouse or production floor.

Ideal when a low cost solution for storage retrieval is required in medium to large operations. The ergonomic design of the MS10-12E helps maximise operator productivity when handling open sided pallets and containers and placing goods into multi-level racking. 

Ergonomic features 

  • The low mounted tiller arm and ergonomically designed tiller head with angled hand grips, responsive low effort ‘butterfly’ controls reduce stress and fatigue on the operator’s wrist, thumb and fingers
  • Proportional dual lift and lower controls are positioned for left or right hand use
  • All controls can be operated without having to release the tiller for efficient operation
  • The low mounted tiller arm requires the minimum steering effort and provides enhanced operating clearances
  • The panorama mast with Lexan guard provides optimum visibility for efficient and secure load handling

Productivity features 

  • Automatic braking (reverse current) and regenerative braking
  • Smooth lift/lower control
  • Anti-roll-back and start up on gradients
  • Using a plug in console the controller can be adjusted to precisely meet the application and operator’s requirements for maximum productivity
  • Creep speed control allows all the functions of the truck to be operated with the tiller arm in the vertical position when being operated in restricted spaces
  • The MS10-12E model features an on-board charger for easy and convenient battery recharging 


ModelLoad Capacity (kg)Lift Height (mm)AST (wide / long) (mm) Battery Capacity (V / Ah)Weight (kg)
MS10E100035802285 / 224524V / 150-200Ah790
MS12E120041802285 / 224524V / 200Ah810


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