Rider Pallet Trucks

Durable and Easy-To-Use for Basic Pallet Handling Tasks

Our manually operated hand pallet trucks deliver exceptional durability, functionality and serviceability at competitive value.

  • Durable design
  • Easy to use
  • Variety of options
Industry Sectors

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The Warehouse Workhorse

Move Loads With Minimal Operator Experience and Exertion

Durable design

You need a hand truck that can handle the rigors of your operation, day in and day out.

That’s why we've designed the YA55-PT with industrial strength steel and a reinforced buckhead base, along with:

  • Heavy duty 1.25-inch thick steel adjustable push rods
  • 2.1-inch thick steel C-channel
  • 8-inch long reinforcement bars
  • 9-inch handle base support prevents bending
Easy to use

The YA55-PT features an ergonomic, user-friendly design that helps reduce operator fatigue and downtime.

  • Cushioned handle with rubber grip for operator comfort
  • Maximum lift available with 10 full strokes
  • Hand and foot release for quick, convenient lowering
  • Articulating axle keeps load stable and offers superior maneuverability
  • Entry and exit helper rollers prevent "pushing" and "pulling" pallets
  • Standard polyurethane wheels and rollers for easy rolling
Variety of options

The YA55-PT is available in many different configurations to suit virtually any application.

  • Weigh scale — Allows the operator to easily lift, transport, and weigh loads with 99.9% accuracy, with easy-to-read meter, large LCD display, keypad and automatic tare functions
  • Galvanized stainless steel — Designed for corrosion resistance, chemical exposure and cold temperatures
  • Low profile — Handles unconventional loads that are too low for standard pallet trucks
  • Quick-lift pump — Features standard pumping operation for lifting and lowering loads and self-propelled movement for easy transportation of goods

Further customization is available for fork lowering, length and width, diversified capacities, load backrests, skid adaptors and more.

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