Enclosed End Rider

Keep Pallet Transportation Moving


The enclosed end rider is engineered from the ground up based on feedback from customers, offering the comfort, productivity and dependability to get even the most demanding cross-docking and transportation jobs done.

  • Operator comfort
  • Powerful performance
  • Maneuverability
  • Proven reliability
  • Low maintenance
Industry Sectors

- Food Distribution and Processing
- Beverage
- Cold & Frozen Foods
- Agriculture
- Warehouse & 3PL
- Wholesale Distribution
- Chemicals & Plastics
- Auto & Transport MFG
- Building Materials
- General MFG
- Retail & E-Commerce (DC/fulfillment)
- Retail Store Operations
- Health & Pharma
- Auto Parts Distribution
- Furniture & Furnishings

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A Truck That Gives You More

More Comfort, More Productivity, More Dependability

Ergonomic advantages

A comfortable operator is a productive operator. From a large operator platform to intuitive controls, the enclosed end rider is easy to operate and comfortable to ride.

  • Electric power steering significantly reduces steer effort and offers lock-to-lock adjustability, enabling tight turns in crowded spaces and helping reduce operator fatigue
  • Contoured, padded compartment uses flexible urethane foam padding to surround the operator, with bakrest, hip pad, elbow and knee support
  • Exclusive multi-zoned operator presence system allows operators to adjust stance for greater comfort and stamina during the course of a shift
  • Contoured multifunction control handle offers three adjustable positions and allows fingertip control of lift and lower, travel and horn functions
Powerful performance

The enclosed end rider's productive travel speeds and energy efficiency enable operators to move more loads per hour.

  • Extended shift feature tailors truck performance to maximize energy efficiency, keeping you working longer between battery charges
  • Advanced pallet entry-exit system and high-performance hydraulics to help produce quick cycle times
  • Programmable acceleration and travel speeds
  • Four programmable performance modes let operators tailor truck performance to their application or skill level

The enclosed end rider is designed to help operators confidently move pallets in and out of tight spaces and across dock plates.

  • Full six inches of lift height for optimal clearance
  • Tight turning radius
  • Electric power steering
  • Intelligently positioned undercarriage components
  • Four-point chassis and rigidly sprung load bearing components boost stability, helping keep loads level
Proven reliability

Meticulously designed, rigorously engineered and yes, thoroughly tested. The MPR-VG enclosed end rider is built to last and exceed the highest standards for reliability and performance – and we have the test results to prove it.

  • Lifted over 1 billion pounds without failure – a testament to the design of our complete linkage system
  • Survived over 1,000 hours in the most demanding, high-duty cycle applications, proving the extremes the heavy duty linkage of the enclosed end rider can endure before needing service
  • Durable components, including dual caster wheel assembly, heavy duty fork frame, larger drive tires, tandem load wheels and AC traction motor, all built for easy service and long-lasting performance
Low maintenance

While no truck is maintenance free, the enclosed end rider is designed to keep service to a minimum and when it is needed, to get it done fast.

  • Quick release service door hatch provides access to traction controller, drive motor and hydraulic power unit
  • High efficiency AC traction motor requires no service
  • Electric power steering eliminates potential leak points of hydraulic systems
  • CANbus communication simplifies wiring, reducing potential failure points
  • Electro-mechanical parking brake has no service requirements
Model Load Capacity Lift Height Battery Capacity Weight
MPR080 3628kg 236mm 24V / 375-930Ah(V/Ah) 680kg
MPR100VG 4535kg 236mm 24V / 375-930Ah(V/Ah) 680kg

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