Beatson Clark: Rotherham, UK

Yale partnership is a ‘glass’ act

BeatsonClark-main.jpgBeatson Clark manufactures glass packaging for worldwide pharmaceutical, beverage and food industries.

The materials handling requirement

With furnaces burning 24 hours a day, equipment can be in use up to 80 hours a week meaning a reliable fleet of forklift trucks is essential to keep the production line running.

The solution

Yale® dealer Forkway determined that the ideal solution would be Yale® Veracitor® 3.5 tonne forklift trucks fitted with special fork positioners for double pallet handling.

The versatility and flexibility of the new fleet enabled the Beatson Clark to reduce the overall number of forklift trucks required for this application from nine to seven.

It was the approach to providing the highest levels of aftercare and service that prompted purchasing manager, Jonathan Styles to turn to Yale: “We were running an ageing and unreliable fleet of forklift trucks.

“Forkway provided a full repair and maintenance contract for the overall fleet of 18 trucks enabling us to extend its lifespan before investing in a new fleet of VX forklift trucks. They were the obvious choice to supply our new forklift fleet.”

Maximum uptime and productivity

The seven internal combustion engine LPG powered Yale® Veracitor® VX counterbalance forklift trucks have been supplied with a full service and maintenance programme, ensuring round the clock care of the fleet to maximise uptime and productivity in this challenging application. 

Each forklift is required to lift four crates at a time weighing a total of 1.6 tonnes, to a maximum height of six metres. They are used to transport pallets of glass containers at various stages of the production process around the factory and finally to move finished product from the warehouses to vehicles which deliver to customers in the UK and abroad.

Individual adaptations and modifications

Each Yale® Veracitor® VX forklift truck has been fitted with an all weather cab with heater, de-mister, screen and screen wash and, at the specific request of operators, the trucks have been modified to include CD players, fabric swivel seats and Yale’s unique foot directional control. 

The Yale forklifts supplied are fitted with Techtronix 100 transmission systems which offer a range of benefits including auto deceleration for smooth auto braking, controlled power reversal reducing tyre wear by up to 50 per cent and controlled roll back on ramps giving operators more control. 

To maximize speed and operational efficiency inside the factory the forklift trucks have been modified to include cascade double pallet handling attachments to lift two pallets at a time. Two of the Yale forklifts have also been adapted to include three stage triplex masts suitable for loading containers which has eliminated the need to have two separate forklifts to do this.

Unique approach to customer service

Jonathan says: “Forkway doesn’t take a one size fits all approach and has been very flexible in accommodating our specific application requirements. They don’t just provide the product, they provide a service as well. Nothing is ever too much trouble for them.” 

Richard Greaves, group sales director of Forkway, adds: “We have built our business on the back of genuine customer care and the bespoke agreement we have with Beatson Clark is a good example of how we strive to meet our customers’ needs.”

What Our Customers Are Saying

"We were impressed by the service and dedication to customer care offered by Forkway."

Jonathan Styles - Purchasing Manager, Beatson Clark


"The reliability of our fleet is essential to the smooth running of our business. It is vital to have a maintenance contract that helps us to eliminate unnecessary downtime and maintain our reputation for being able to deliver on time, all of the time."

Jonathan Styles - Purchasing Manager, Beatson Clark