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Charles Service and Yale® : a successful partnership!

PatisFrance-main.jpgThe materials handling requirement

PatisFrance – Puratos is the French branch of Puratos, a Belgian Group based in Grand Bigard, near the capital Brussels. Puratos employs approximately 7,000 people worldwide, and is present in 100 countries with its commercial branches. Its confectionery and bakery products and ingredients are distributed through the brands PatisFrance, Puratos and Belcolade. The headquarters of PatisFrance – Puratos are based in Rungis. The main activity is the manufacture of ingredients for bakery, patisserie and chocolate products.

Bondoufle, the central logistics platform of PatisFrance – Puratos, supplies the warehouses of the company located in Bordeaux, Lyon, Marseille and Charmes, and prepares orders for the northwest region of the country and for the Paris area, where it supplies pâtissiers, chocolatiers and bakers, as well as large retailers and the foreign market.

Raw materials arrive in Bondoufle by truck and are sorted on pallets, then cleared on exhaust docks and placed in the warehouse according to the shipping order; later, the goods are stored before their final delivery.

The solution

PatisFrance – Puratos has collaborated with Charles Service since 2013, recognising in Yale the ideal partner for reliability, industry expertise, as well as proximity to the dealer (whose headquarters are in Sainte-Geneviève- des-Bois) and therefore responsiveness to the client’s needs. The fleet available to PatisFrance – Puratos is varied in order to respond quickly and effectively in highly dynamic logistics applications.

The movement of goods takes place in a 10,000 square metre warehouse where 8,000 permanent pallets are stored with 1,200 daily picks. PatisFrance – Puratos handles about 350 incoming and outgoing pallets each day, with heights of up to 8.5 metres, including a low-temperature warehouse of 800 square metres.

The fleet comprises three stackers destined for unloading goods from trucks; two reach trucks for picking operations and reception of goods; four reach trucks dedicated to the preparation of goods for the export market, for industry and the GDO (mainly department stores and hypermarkets); 11 order pickers for use for artisans’ orders; two MP16 pallet trucks and an electric ERP 20VF counterbalance truck to support the most demanding of operations.

The Yale product range has proven highly reliable and responsive in improving productivity by saving time. “My staff are satisfied with the Yale machines, and particularly appreciate the pickers, both for the excellent levels of ergonomics, and for comfort standards during working hours,” says Jean Louis Muller, Warehouse Manager of PatisFrance – Puratos in Bondoufle.

The Yale Vision telematics system has proven essential to manage the use of the machines even from mobile devices in real time, while the Charles Service distributor who supplied the fleet is also involved in the battery charging system for electric reach trucks, providing a charging room equipped with a demineralisation area to optimise the life-span of batteries.

“The time we spend with our customers, both current and prospective, allows us to identify their needs and tailor our services accordingly,” comments Cédric Bremard, Director of Yale dealer Charles Service. “With Puratos Group we have established this type of synergy, which helps us to anticipate logistics solutions for the coming months. It is thanks to customers of this calibre and to the reliability of Yale products that we can continually progress in the field.”

Charles Service

The mission of Charles Service is ‘innovation through continuity’ which is reflected through their research of the best logistics solution, arising from their customer service, innovation and the satisfaction of a job adapted to the needs of the client over the long-term. For many years, Charles Service has provided products of the highest quality and technology through the expertise of their staff in the region.

What Our Customers Are Saying

"My staff are satisfied with the Yale machines, and particularly appreciate the pickers both for the excellent levels of ergonomics, and for comfort standards during working hours."

Jean Louis Muller - Warehouse Manager, Patis France