Keeping the Automotive supply chain flowing and feeding the lines

by 2030 around a third of new cars will be electric or hydrogen-powered


Transform Your Greatest Challenges into Opportunities

Your operation faces major hurdles with one of the most complex supply chains in the world.

Increasing importance on health & safety and quality

Safe operations is a paramount across all stages of the automotive industry supply chain.

Eliminate forks from assembly lines

  • Delivering kits JIT/JIS to reduce line side operator errors
  • Adopt the ‘Milk Run’ concept and deliver kits faster
  • Reduce unnecessary stock build up at assembly lines

Tow tractor & Tugger train systems for production lines secure faster, flexible, precision-timed deliveries and contributes to improving quality

Tow tractors

Push for greater sustainability efforts

Automotive manufacturers are early adopters of technology, and more efficient, greener power options is always on the top of their innovation list.

The need for reliable cost efficient clean energy is of top priority

  • Maximise sustainability through alternative power options
  • Enhance useful battery life with less recharging time
  • Eliminate robust and costly battery change infrastructures

Lithium ion batteries have longer useful life, reduced recharging time, energy consumption, and recycling waste.

Integrated lithium-ion forklift

Fleet optimisation & operational efficiency

Ensuring the fleet is right for the operation is of great importance across the automotive supply chain.

The right trucks’ type, size and mix optimise operation efficiency and minimise TCO

  • Reduce Maintenance disruptions and operational downtime
  • Establish appropriate maintenance plan and reduce unnecessary
  • Extend useful life of your equipment and optimise productivity

Fleet management program can help right-size lift truck fleet, establish appropriate maintenance plan and help extend useful life of equipment.

Fleet management

Just in time and just in sequence operations

Smooth flow of production in automotive industry requires precise handling of materials at the right time and in sequence.

Optimise your workflow through a reliable and independent means of materials handling.

  • Manage long run times to retrieve and deliver parts  
  • Overcome potential downtime & quality issues
  • Meeting time pressured supply of demand

Seated tow tractor is ideal for indoor/outdoor applications where long travel distances are needed.

Seated tow tractor

Space utilisation

Space saving and Increased shop floor utilisation are common themes in automotive manufacturing environments.

Move and deliver faster in limited space while reducing storage footprint  

  • Compact turning radius trucks ideal for confined areas
  • Reduce inventory of parts and semi-finished products
  • Optimal stock at assembly lines

Agile electric trucks tow tractors and tugger train systems deliver high productivity in constrained areas.

Four wheel electric forklift trucks


Take Control with Game Changing Solutions

Maximise production capabilities with reliable solutions that deliver.

Proven Approaches

Demonstrated to Increase Productivity

Innovations designed to help increase operational efficiency and achieve next level performance.

Alternative fuel: which is right for you?

By understanding the various new technologies and their strengths and weaknesses, you can analyse your operations and the best potential solutions for your material handling needs.

There are a number of alternate power solutions to address the needs for greater fuel efficiency and increased environmental stewardship. In some cases, technology is needed to meet governmental regulations on emissions.

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Logistics Trains Supporting Just-In-Time Manufacturing

To help support Just in Time manufacturing applications, Yale® has launched a flexible, modular Tugger Train system.  Towed by the Yale Tow Tractors, this enables loads to be transported efficiently to and from the manufacturing line using a choice of different trollies.

Yale Tugger Train System Supports Manufacturing Applications

Yale works together with Nissan Italy in central Italy

Every day the warehouse handles roughly 200 orders for shipments to 16 dealers simultaneously, and manages them through around 50 lines. 

I suggested to Nissan Italy innovative formulas to renovate the fleet.

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