August 2020

Working in unison: the Yale robotics solution

Robotics and humans working together, the workforce of the future –or is it? For the materials handling industry, this is already possible.

January 2020

Armor Manutention showcases Yale solutions for the Exhibition Industrie Grand Ouest 2020

Official Yale® dealer, Armor Manutention, will bring Yale innovation and technology to trade professionals and manufacturers at France's Exhibition Industrie Grand Ouest 2020 this month.

From 28-30 January, Armor Manutention will be exhibiting at the Nantes based Industrie Grand Ouest 2020 in Hall XXL, Stand H12, showcasing Yale products tailored to the manufacturing industry.

Armor Manutention has consistently increased market share and coverage in its territory since becoming a Yale dealer in 2016. The company’s core business of the sale, leasing, and servicing of forklift trucks, is supported by an extremely knowledgeable team with extensive experience and a dedicated team of Yale technicians delivering high standards of aftersales, maintenance and diagnostic support.

Industrie Grand Ouest 2020 has a sustainable industry focus for 2020, Armor Manutention will be exhibiting for the first time at the exhibition based in the Parc des Expositions,Nantes. The exhibition gives visitors the opportunity to see and touch the Yale technology for themselves.

Armor Manutention is looking forward to attending Industrie Grand Ouest 2020: “Armor Manutention is pleased to participate to this exhibition “Industrie Grand Ouest” in order to promote the brand Yale in the Pays de Loire”, said Nicolas Moy, Manager of Armor Manutention.

Ergonomics as standard

Amor Manutention will highlight three leading Yale products at Industrie Grand Ouest 2020; the Yale® ERP18VT 3-wheel electric counterbalance forklift, a lithium-ion powered MP16 pedestrian pallet truck, and MS12 pedestrian stacker.

Combining high performance and energy efficiency, the Yale ERP18VT 3-wheel electric counterbalance forklift is an ergonomically advanced 3-wheel forklift truck for medium to heavy-duty applications. The VT Series electric counterbalanced forklift’s compact design provides high manoeuvrability, allowing it to operate in narrow aisles. When it comes to performance, energy efficiency, manoeuvrability, and battery shift life can all be matched to the needs of the application, increasing productivity and throughput and significantly reducing the cost per pallet moved.

Smart, swift and dependable low lift pallet trucks with a proven track record in confined and congested areas: the MP16-22 pedestrian pallet truck series has been designed to help maximise the productivity of the materials handling operation. Working effortlessly and efficiently even in the smallest spaces, the MP16-22 is designed around the needs of the operator and offers intelligent ergonomics and high manoeuvrability.

The MS12 pedestrian stacker is designed to be highly operator friendly with smooth drive, lift and lower control providing manoeuvrability in tight corners. Ideal when a low cost solution for storage retrieval is required in medium to large operations.

The ergonomics-centric philosophy of Yale can be found in all three products, providing operators with comfort and precision, helping to reduce fatigue, and offering excellent manoeuvrability in order to minimise costs and maximise overall productivity.

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