COREP: Bègles, France

Spotlights on Yale thanks to COREP

COREP-main.jpgIt was just south of Bordeaux, in the city of Bègles, where Alain Petit founded COREP in 1970.

The company, where Mr Petit still retains the role of CEO, is now known throughout France as a byword for decorative lighting. Employing around 250 people across their head office and three divisions in France, as well as three branches in India, Portugal and Ukraine, COREP has generated more than half of its production output over the past 40 years in its native France.

After a relocation COREP renovated and expanded its production space. These renovations brought the capacity of the warehouse to 25,000m², with shelving up to 9.8m high. The factory, which is mostly automated, operates on a just-in-time basis, with a potential production level of over 10,000 units per day.

Handling needs: Yale responds

The collaboration between COREP and Yale® stems from the former’s clear need for handling and materials storage. Their aim was to optimise space and time and for Yale, it was to provide a more functional customer service.

The effectiveness of Yale solutions allowed them to meet COREP’s materials handing needs in the following way:

• 3 pallet stackers, (the MS10, MS12AC and MS16AC series) - ideal for optimising storage in small spaces.

• 1 electric order picker (the MO20 series) for low-level orders.

• 12 electric platform pallet trucks (MP20X series).

• 2 VNA trucks (MTC13 series), suitable for operation in very narrow aisles, allowing for an increased amount of racking in the warehouse.

The choice of VNA trucks rather than Reach trucks was made before the completion of the new warehouse, allowing for maximum freedom of decision in determining the placement of the storage lanes.

From Yale to COREP: a winning distribution network

The decision of Yale becoming a supplier to the COREP fleet was also determined by the role of Fabre Manutention, a family-owned business founded about 75 years ago, who have specialised in the marketing of forklift trucks for 45 years. It exclusively manages the Yale brand for the entire South-West market in France.

Thanks to both the technical and logistical expertise demonstrated by Yale’s French dealer in their knowledge of warehouse trucks, COREP could establish itself as the first customer in the region to be equipped with a series of VNA trucks. Amongst the characteristics that have greatly contributed to COREP’s choice of Yale VNA trucks as the best solution to their needs are the truck’s ease of use and reliability, the ergonomics of the driving cabin, the robustness and the comfort of the seating position, the reversing function and the differential hydraulic unit between the lifting and traction sections.

Pascal Colombo, the Yale Warehouse Sales Manager, had this to say: “We have taken great pride in being able to follow this client from the very beginning and offer them appropriate advice when required. Once again, this success is due to the alliance between Fabre Manutention and Yale quality. Our dealers have undeniable strengths: the ability to listen to the customer and very strong technical expertise.”

What Our Customers Are Saying

"Given the particular needs of our warehouse, we have especially appreciated the personalised support by the Yale team and Fabre Manutention personnel."

Marc David - Quality and Technical Director at COREP, Bègles, France