Yale unveils new brand identity at ProMat

March 20, 2023

March 2023

Yale unveils new brand identity at ProMat

CHICAGO (March 20, 2023) - The ProMat trade show got started with a major development from the Yale brand, with the company announcing an updated identity and brand positioning. Introducing Yale Lift Truck Technologies, a new identity to reflect the company’s focus on technology-enabled lift trucks and customer-driven design philosophy to deliver solutions for the labor, safety and productivity challenges in today’s fast-paced warehouse markets.

The updated brand reflects strengths at all levels of the organization, with independent dealers empowered to provide a seamless, responsive customer experience and the factory developing industry-leading lift truck technology solutions. The Yale focus on research and development and technology integration has an established record of bringing technology to market quickly, including commercial deployments of industry-first operator assistance technologies, hundreds of robotic lift trucks, and advanced electric power options.

“Warehouses face a tough outlook, with persistent labor challenges threatening productivity and risking safety incidents. But when operations look to suppliers for help, they’re met with complacency and rigid terms based on what’s best for the factory – not the needs of modern warehouses,” says David Furman, President, Marketing, Strategy and Business Development, Yale. “We think it's time warehouse operations rethink what they expect from lift trucks, technology and suppliers. That’s why we’ve invested in a more creative approach built around the customer, engineering lift trucks as smart technology foundations and bringing innovations to market, faster.”

The independent Yale® dealer network plays an important role in enabling the Yale technology experience on the warehouse floor. Dealers are free from the constraints of factory ownership and are instead empowered to focus solely on customer success, matching them with a solution tailored to their needs and providing the responsive support necessary for real-world results.

“Just as Yale has extensive experience developing and integrating lift truck technologies, we have the front-line experience implementing, supporting and helping customers get the most out of robotics, telematics, electric power and more,” says Coit Edison, President, MH Equipment Company and President, Yale Dealer Council. “We benefit from the OEM focus on developing advanced, smart lift truck solutions, freeing us to focus on serving customers with the agility and flexibility today’s warehouses require.”

The rebranding also includes an updated logo that reflects the capacity of technology to push material handling operations forward. The logo features the same iconic “Yale” text, but with the addition of a box made of arrows that indicates the movement of lift trucks and products in the warehouse, and the brand’s role in advancing the industry and helping customers grow.