Best practices to optimize distribution center operations and lift truck fleet utilization

Improving DC metrics


Whether replenishing retail locations or facilitating direct-to-consumer deliveries, you’re tasked with moving inventory more efficiently than ever to meet growing demand, making accuracy and flexibility imperative.

And in order to perform as a modern supply chain operation, metrics are critical to help you identify latent inefficiencies and power through daily work and peak challenges. But what distribution center (DC) metrics are most valuable? What should you lean on to shape business strategy and ultimately drive customer satisfaction?

The top 12 DC metrics in the 2020 Warehousing Education and Research Council (WERC) DC Measures Report reflect the demands of customers in the era of e-commerce - and how distribution and fulfillment operations are serving them.

This white paper presents top metrics from the 2020 WERC DC Measures Report, and highlights best practices to help best leverage lift truck fleets for best-in-class performance.