A New Era

A New Name for a New Era: Introducing Yale® Lift Truck Technologies

Yale Materials Handling has changed its brand name to Yale® Lift Truck Technologies. The rebranding reflects the Company’s emphasis on technology-enabled lift trucks for warehouse and intralogistics operations, delivered through a strong network of independent Yale Dealers.

This new era highlights how we, as Yale, are responding to ever changing market conditions and demands, whilst emphasising our strengths in providing solutions for your needs.

Yale Lift Truck Dealers – focused on your success

Yale. alongside our network of Dealer Partners, is focussed on customer success and supporting productivity, efficiency, and sustainability in the fast-changing intralogistics market.

We have an established record of technology-driven lift truck solutions. This includes a full line of lift trucks and warehouse trucks, robotic lift trucks, various power options for electrification, next-generation operator assist technology and customer-specific solutions. All delivered to customers through our independent Dealer network.

Our Dealer Partners also create long-lasting, successful relationships with customers. This ensures that the right advice and flexible solutions can be delivered to warehouse and intralogistics operations like yours, every time they are needed. Through our Dealers, businesses also receive top-class maintenance and service support.

Specialists in Lift Trucks and technology integration

Yale specialises in developing award-winning lift-trucks. This, combined with our heritage, knowledge, and working with our Dealer Partners, enables us to deliver the perfect fit for customers.

The new brand name ‘Yale Lift Truck Technologies’ is founded on this smart design philosophy and technology integration. It builds on Yale’s 100-year-long heritage of designing and manufacturing reliable lift truck technologies which keep evolving to meet the challenges facing today’s industries. 

Have you seen our new logo?

As part of the rebrand, there is also a new logo and visual identity for Yale Lift Truck Technologies.

The new logo is representative of the Yale ’Y’, the ‘boxes’ it moves for customers, and ‘arrows’ to indicate our desire to help customers with upward growth and increased productivity while pushing down costs. 

Learn more about what’s new for Yale

Discover more about our new brand identity here https://www.yale.com/en-gb/europe/spotlight/brand-identity/.

Or find out more about our solutions for intralogistics and warehousing from your authorised Yale dealer.