Health & Pharma Distribution

Non-negotiable safe and efficient distribution

Whether distributing your own products or serving as a wholesale distributor or 3PL, you need precision and speed. The well-being of consumers depends on it.


You can’t afford to settle for second best

To preserve product quality and boost throughput, you must be laser-focused on safely and efficiently getting products out the door.

Safety & security

Employee safety and operational security are paramount. Incidents, OSHA fines and downtime can be crippling.

Training and awareness are crucial

  • Deploy operator training programs with hands-on instruction
  • Help boost awareness with operator assist technologies
  • Restrict lift truck access to trained operators with telematics 
  • Automate for consistent best practices

Labor & productivity

Labor shortages and turnover can bring distribution to a screeching halt – not to mention, cost you big time.

Scale up with robotics    

  • Improve retention by promoting skilled labor to more engaging roles
  • Streamline workflows and increase throughput
  • Reduce human interaction and product touches for greater efficiency
Minimize risk

Fulfillment expectations

To stay ahead and keep costs down, speed and agility are imperative.

Enhance operator productivity

  • Boost picking with lift trucks proven to reduce cycle times   
  • Use advanced technologies to put away and retrieve pallets rapidly
  • Choose lift trucks with enhanced ergonomics to reduce fatigue

Space constraints

Escalating SKU counts are forcing the need for more space, a costly capital expense.

Optimize your footprint

  • Go vertical, and take advantage of unused cubic space
  • Use narrow aisles to achieve greater overall space utilization
  • Select advanced power options that require minimal infrastructure


Take control with game changing solutions

Demand innovations engineered to help preserve product quality and operational safety, while overcoming labor and throughput constraints.



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Services and support you can depend on

Yale has the trucks for your operation - plus the service and support to back them up.


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