Health & Pharma Manufacturing

100% quality is imperative

About 4,500 drugs and devices are recalled each year. From prescription and OTC drugs, to devices and consumer health products, safety and integrity are vital .


Preserve the wellbeing of your operation

You can’t afford to settle, boost the safety and efficiency of your manufacturing operation now.

Sanitation & quality

Maintaining compliance throughout the manufacturing
process is imperative.

Avoid health risks and recalls

  • Use innovations that help reduce damages and potential
  • Invest in lift trucks that that allow for greater sanitation
  • Deploy advanced power options for zero emissions
  • Automate and lessen human interaction with materials

Safety & security

Employee safety and operational security are paramount. Incidents and downtime can be crippling.

Training and awareness are crucial

  • Deploy operator training programs with hands-on instruction
  • Boost awareness with operator assist technologies
  • Restrict truck access to trained operators with telematics
  • Automate for consistent best practices

Labor & productivity

Labor shortages and turnover can bring production to a screeching halt. Did you know that an estimated 50% of work activities in health & pharma manufacturing can be automated?

Scale up with robotics

  • Improve retention by promoting skilled labor to more engaging roles
  • Help streamline workflows and reduce production throughput times
  • Allow for flexibility to accommodate shifting production lines
Minimize risk


Take control with game changing solutions

Demand innovations engineered to help preserve product quality and operational safety, while overcoming labor and throughput constraints.



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Services and support you can depend on

Yale has the trucks for your operation - plus the service and support to back them up.



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