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Warehouse employee turnover has been over 40% for five straight years

Warehouse worker moves a box from a warehouse rack to a lift truck
A warehouse worker rides an end rider down a warehouse aisle

You can’t just work harder. You need lift truck solutions to work smarter

You can’t just work harder. You need lift truck solutions to work smarter

Close-up of a warehouse worker’s legs and
                        boots on a Yale end rider Reach truck operator looking up as he retrieves an
                        item from a high rack Person charging a 4 wheel electric forklift A warehouse worker operates a forklift

We refuse the idea that the goal of materials handling equipment is simply to move product between two points, and we think you should too. At Yale, our product design is focused on you - translating your challenges into problem-solving equipment. We engineer lift trucks to deliver industry-leading ergonomics and key advantages in productivity, energy efficiency, and total cost of ownership.

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Work-related illnesses and injuries cost businesses $171 billion annually.

You can’t afford the risk of incidents. You need lift truck solutions to support safety

Rendering of a forklift operator driving a reach truck with a full pallet load with location sensing graphic overlay                     boots on a Yale end rider A Yale robotic counterbalanced stacker lifting a box onto a warehouse rack A forklift parked against a warehouse wall with its lithium-ion battery plugged into the wall

Innovation doesn't happen without intention. While some manufacturers are beholden to investments in their own value chain and distracted by operating dealerships, we invest heavily in research and development and source from best-in-class suppliers around the world. We bring more advanced solutions to market faster, from operator assist technology and robotics, to advanced electrification.

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Best-in-class warehouses achieve on-time shipments 99.8% of the time

A warehouse worker pulls a Yale pallet truck with full pallet-load

You can’t settle. You need dealers wholly focused on your success

Two warehouse workers with hard hats on walking down an aisle, with one holding a clipboard
A maintenance technician adjusts part of a forklift engine with tool A maintenance technician kneels down to look at a Yale end rider’s mechanical system A female warehouse worker drives a Yale end rider past a nearby reach truck operator Two warehouse workers, one wearing a hard hat look at a clipboard in hand

We know that dealer support is critical to your uptime and productivity. That’s why our dealers are intentionally independent – they aren’t propped up by corporate ownership or restrained by red tape. Their success depends on your success, so they’re focused on understanding your business and investing in allied products and services. They provide you with the most effective recommendations and responsive support, from parts and maintenance, to fleet management and training.

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