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Increased uptime and productivity at Martignetti Companies

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Martignetti Companies is the leading distributor of wine and spirits in New England and the seventh largest distributor in the U.S. The family-owned business was established in Norwood, Mass., in 1933, right after the repeal of prohibition. Today, Martignetti Companies has more than 1,200 employees committed to offering the highest quality service and building long-term partnerships with their customers and suppliers.


Martignetti Companies utilizes a variety of Yale® lift trucks, but was using local non-certified maintenance places for their lift truck service. Though the reliable Yale trucks provided more uptime, outsourcing their lift trucks to non-Yale certified technicians for periodic maintenance slowed down the process, increased downtime and was difficult to regulate.


When the company was undergoing some other operational changes, Martignetti Companies started working with their local Yale® dealer to service and maintain their lift trucks. The Yale-certified technicians were eager to work with the company to ensure they were receiving the best possible service in order to continue meeting their bottom line goals. In the beginning of their relationship, a Yale technician would come almost every day and work side-by-side with the Martignetti workers in their warehouses. The technician would even give tutorials to the workers on basic service check-ups. Now, the technicians come once or twice a week to perform other maintenance tasks.

“It was great to have an experienced Yale technician teach our in-house service guy the ropes,” said Ilias Potsis, senior vice president of warehouse operations. “Their professionalism and great service are what keep us coming back for routine service check-ups. That relationship is the key to our loyalty with Yale.”


As Martignetti works with a variety of Yale trucks, the customized service and maintenance plan from a Yale-certified technician makes a difference in how the trucks operate. The company is therefore more efficient in its warehouse operations, and experiences less downtime due to the Yale team’s careful planning and execution.

“We see our friends at Yale like expert coworkers that are always there for us when we need it,” said Potis. “When other dealers from companies like Raymond or Crown call, I’m always happy to turn them away because of our longstanding relationship with NITCO and Yale.”

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