Forklift predictive maintenance: the key to peak performance



Yale lift trucks are innovatively designed to bring the most advance technology driven lift truck solutions to the market. The best way to keep your investments running efficiently is to deploy an HYG Aftersales Planned Maintenance program across your fleet to maximize uptime and performance. No matter the size of your fleet, having a proactive, planned maintenance program in place is essential to avoid costly downtime and production delays.

Learn more about the value of a predcitive maintenance program by registering for our white paper, “Planned Maintenance, the Key to Peak Performance.” We also invite you to explore our Planned Maintenance ROI Calculator, which allows you to plug in your fleet information to learn where savings may be found through the value of a Planned Maintenance program.

Contact our Fleet Sales Manager today to learn more about how an HYG Aftersales Planned Maintenance program can benefit your operation.


ROI Calculator

Truck Model Family
Program Max Hours 10,000
Estimated Advanced PM Cost
Cost Avoidance
Advanced PM Program Return On Investment (ROI)


These are estimates based on national averages. For more detailed information please contact our Fleet Sales Manager.

This calculation is provided as a general guide to help you estimate PM maintenance plan ROI's. The calculations are made based on certain assumptions, and may not accurately reflect the true costs involved in providing these services. HYG assumes no responsibility for faulty calculations, and makes no representations or warranties regarding the suitability of the calculator for providing quotes.