Top factors to consider when buying a forklift

Purchasing or leasing new equipment for your warehouse? Consider these five factors before making your decision.


Consumer demand for increasingly expedited delivery of purchased goods means warehouses must look to gain process efficiencies wherever they can find them. Lift trucks are often an essential component of business operations. While 35% of companies say the economy and current market factors have little to no impact on how they acquire lift trucks, according to the 2023 Lift Truck Acquisition Survey by Peerless Research Group, this year’s survey results reveal an increased focus on equipment costs in both the short and long term.

In order to maximize the value of lift truck investments, it is imperative that businesses pinpoint and carefully weigh the factors that will help them select the best equipment to suit their needs. Which considerations should operations prioritize when buying new forklifts? Which factors should shape their buying decisions? The survey by Peerless asked responding companies to identify which of 15 characteristics they considered important when evaluating lift trucks for purchase or lease.

This white paper goes into greater depth regarding the top five considerations from the survey and provides insights on how operations can use these factors to improve their ability to meet business goals involving profit, employee safety, customer satisfaction and more.