• Engines with Yale® Flex Performance Technology™ feature adjustable performance modes that allow you to maximize performance or fuel economy to fit your specific application requirements

    • Custom-designed for Yale by Power Solutions International 
    • Extended service intervals
    • Reduced periodic maintenance requirements
    • Improved operator ergonomics

    Rigorous testing for heavy duty cycles

    30,000 Hours of testing
    14,500 Hours of engine Dyno testing
    17,000 Hours of driving
    300 Hours of multi-axis simulation testing
    veracitor engine  


    Yale moves up to 12,000 more loads than the competition*

    pallet chart


    Use up to 37% less fuel compared to the competition*

    fuel chart  


    Save up to $23,000 in operating costs versus the competition*

    cost chart

    Mode 1 provides the optimum balance of fuel efficiency and productivity with reduced maintenance costs


    * Information is based on results obtained using a test cycle to replicate a heavy duty LPG application run for 60 minutes in August of 2011 at our Counterbalanced Developmental Center in Portland, OR. Results may vary based on application type.


    To find the right engine mode for your business contact your Yale dealer.

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