• Product Highlights

    Yale® lift trucks are designed to help improve productivity

    Yale Materials Handling Corporation’s complete lift truck offering is organized in this product section around each type of truck:

    • Pallet trucks: Walkie and ride-on versions offer a variety of options for transporting loads over short and long distances in the warehouse.
    • Pallet Stackers and Reach Trucks are ideal for storing and retrieving loads from racking.
    • Low, mid- and high level Order Selectors, and Very Narrow Aisle (VNA) trucks enable efficient order fulfillment when collecting multiple items from different storage locations.
    • Tow Tractors may be used for a variety of horizontal surface towing activities in a warehouse or manufacturing floor.
    • Electric Trucks are offered in both 3-Wheel Electric and 4-Wheel Electric versions, depending on the application and preference. These versions cater to a full spectrum of indoor and outdoor operating environments.
    • The range of Internal Combustion Engine (ICE) Pneumatic Tire and ICE Cushion Tire counterbalanced trucks is suited to a multitude of applications including loading/unloading, shuttling and storage of raw materials, finished goods and production materials.

    For more information on innovative Yale® lift truck features that provide improved productivity, visit the Features That Deliver page.