• Get the Power of an Internal Combustion (ICE) Lift Truck with the Savings of an Electric Truck

    Our electric trucks are strong performers.

    Yale® electric lift trucks let you enjoy the best of both worlds: ICE truck productivity and electric truck savings. 

    • ICE-Based Construction
    • ICE design-based drive axle assembly with cast ductile iron housing and a full floating axle designed to withstand heavy loads, absorb shock loads an provide long service live
    • Steer axle with ductile iron cast design places the right amount of materials in the right places to distribute stresses
    • Reinforced mast with ductile iron casted cross members that resist mast racking and lateral movement
    • Canted load rollers prevent mast channel flaring
    • Robust flush-faced mast channels reduce mast deflection and improve capacity-to-height ratings


     LP2E Cycle Times Bar Graph 

     LP2E Propane vs. Electricity