• Take a stand for operator comfort. 

    ESC030-040AD - floor Yale® Smart Ride Floor System ERP030AD-small

    ESC030-040AD - handle Multifunction control handle

    ESC030-040AD - compartment Ergonomic operator compartment

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    The ESC030-040AD three-wheel stand-up electric rider is a versatile performer offering superb operator comfort and precision control.

    • Yale Smart Ride Floor System with up to 2 inches of travel, reduces up to 65% of shock/vibration transmitted
      to the operator – an advantage of 17% more isolation versus the competition.

    • Multifunction control handle for simultaneous control of travel and hydraulic functions. Full proportional control
      for all functions is possible, as well as, precise load handling capability.

    • Fully padded operator compartment designed for side-stance operation while providing the flexibility of an
      angled-stance with expanded hip room.