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    Established in 1949, Renys is a chain of department stores with 15 locations in Maine.

    A family-owned and operated company, Renys started off as a single store in Damariscotta, Maine, and today employs more than 400 employees. Renys’ merchandise consists of a wide variety of products such as clothing and footwear, home appliances and home and garden supplies.

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    Renys receives anywhere from 80 to 120 pallets of merchandise every day from all over the state and the country. Every day, the distribution center sends a truckload of merchandise to every store — a process that must be completed as efficiently as possible. In order to maintain premium operations, Renys required durable trucks to handle their wide array of merchandise. Having a truck in the shop for long periods of time was not an option.



    Working with their local dealer, Renys now relies on Yale® order pickers, electric lift trucks and reach trucks to efficiently carry their merchandise from the distribution center to the trucks to their stores. A Yale® dealer technician frequently services and makes sure that every truck is properly maintained so that each lift truck is always available for use.

    “If we have an equipment casualty, or if we’re having a problem with a piece of equipment, they’ll come out and analyze the situation on the spot and put it back in line,” said Herman Long, distribution center manager. “The trucks themselves do not fail. You get on it, it goes. If you need it, it’s there. All the equipment is that way. It does not fail.”



    With the help of Renys' local Yale dealer, the business is able to keep up and running as efficiently and productively as possible. The serviceability and durability of their Yale lift trucks are what enables Renys to get their merchandise to their stores and continue to be “A Maine Shopping Adventure.”

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