• Keep forklifts moving

    Streamline forklift truck maintenance and reduce downtime with Fleet Management.

  • High uptime and productivity are key to staying competitive today

    Do you have these concerns?


    I need easy access to parts.

    Fleet Management services give you centralized invoicing, direct access to OEM parts, better order accuracy and consistent parts pricing across your entire company.


    I have so much data and still don’t have a clear picture of my fleet.

    Fleet Management services will help you get a good handle on the entire size of your fleet, the age of your trucks, the total cost of ownership of your fleet, and determine when it’s time to replace older equipment.


    I need more consistent service across my company locations.

    Fleet Management services give you access to prompt, high-quality service, with less reliance on internal support for maintenance.


    I need better control of forklift truck operations.

    Fleet Management services can monitor and provide insights to reduce damage to trucks and products, restrict access to qualified operators only, identify operator training needs, and ensure operators complete a safety checklist before each shift.

    Fleet Management Packages to Meet Your Needs

    Focus on your core business and leave the fleet management to us. With three customizable.chart available, you can be sure to get the right solution to meet your needs.

    Options Package 1 Package 2 Package 3
    Centralized invoicing
    Simple online parts ordering    
    Low parts pricing across entire company
    Maximum uptime  
    Same-day service1  
    Low-cost labor rates across entire company  
    After-hours service    
    Guaranteed 15% minimum savings    
    Periodic maintenance    
    Repair quote management    
    Repair invoice analysis    
    Fleet optics for data review and analysis   Optional Optional
    Safety and access control   Optional Optional
    Battery management and load sensing   Optional Optional

    Package One: DIY Fleet Management

    For companies with their own internal service department that need convenience, lower costs, and less reliance on administrative assistance. Package includes centralized invoicing, simple online parts ordering, and guaranteed low parts pricing across your entire company.

    Package Two: Maximum Uptime and Productivity

    For companies needing service labor support that’s fast and costeffective. Package includes Package One2, plus online dispatch to maximize uptime, increase same-day service, and provide guaranteed low-cost labor rates across the entire company.

    Package Three: Guaranteed Lower Costs

    Get a true partner in fleet management and a guaranteed 15% minimum savings3 over your current service costs. For companies that want to streamline their entire fleet maintenance program. Package includes Packages One and Two2, plus after-hours service, periodic maintenance planning to minimize unscheduled downtime, and oversight of repair quotes and invoices to ensure accuracy.

    1 When possible, same-day service is available. Some exclusions may apply.
    2 Except for online parts ordering
    3 You have the option to drop from program with no-penalty if 15% savings is not realized


    Optional Services


    Data Review and Analysis

    For companies that want to optimize their forklift truck fleet with help from industry-specific fleet experts who continually monitor and evaluate truck data. Includes collection and analysis of application, repair, and telemetry data to draw insights and make recommendations that increase uptime and lower the cost of ownership.


    Safety and Access Control

    For companies that want an extra layer of security. Includes a wireless asset management system on the truck that prevents access of the unit by an untrained operator and ensures operators complete mandatory checklists before operation.


    Battery Management and Load Sensing

    For companies that want to ensure longer life of the battery and truck components for a more intelligent fleet operation.

    The battery management system monitors battery usage, alerts users to potential battery issues, and informs better battery care and charging behavior. The load sensing hydraulic system flows only when required, extending the life of oil, filters, hoses, seals and other components.