• Yale Vision wireless asset management

    Yale Productivity

    Yale Materials Handling Corporation success is predicated on Yale® dealers, who provide the people, products and productivity solutions that optimize fleet performance even in the most demanding applications. Benefiting from over 90 years of experience and leadership in lift truck design and manufacturing, Yale® lift trucks boast top-of-the-line industrial grade critical components, superior ergonomics, Yale Vision wireless asset management technology and outstanding ROI. So, when you require precision levels of efficiency and productivity from your gas, LP-gas, diesel, electric or alternative fuel lift truck, Yale® dealers have the complete solution.

    Yale Vision Impact Camera

    Picture the impact with 20/20 vision.


    If a picture is worth a thousand words, imagine the value of having video footage of any critical impact within your operations. With Yale Vision’s impact camera, you’ll have peace of mind knowing that everything is captured on film upon impact if an accident occurs. This provides you with a clear, distinguishable picture of the events just prior to and afterward.

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    Yale Battery Vision

    Take charge of your batteries.

    Yale Battery Vision is a fleet management solution that provides valuable insights to better care for your batteries and maximizes their performance and life. Utilizing existing wireless networks, Yale Battery Vision monitors usage, alerts users of potential battery issues, and transforms your facility’s vehicles into an intelligent fleet operation. With Yale Battery Vision, you can now take charge of your batteries.

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    Water Level

    Encourages proper watering of your batteries by reporting electrolytes at high and low levels


    24/7 Monitoring

    Utilizing existing wireless networks to transmit data to the cloud-based Yale Vision portal


    Smart Charging

    Delivers analytical data such as state of charge, voltage current, and battery temperature to improve battery care and charging behavior


    Warranty Compliance

    Stores data for the life of the battery and provides complete history to comply with your battery warranty

    Yale Vision app

    The first mobile app ever released for fleet management

    The first of its kind in the material handling industry, the Yale Vision mobile app offers a new level of data driven productivity now at the power of your fingertips. A site specific tool, instant insight can be gained regarding your truck fleet including impact alerts, checklist notifications, and a host of other crucial features making telemetry move at the speed of your business. Take the guess work out of the equation with a mobile solution that turns data and information into actionable insight.

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  • Manage cost, optimize productivity and protect your assets

    Yale Vision wireless asset management - Take your fleet operation to the next level with wireless asset management from Yale. Yale Vision provides true wireless fleet management, can drive fleet efficiency, improves operator performance, reduces your carbon footprint and lowers your overall material handling costs.

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    Web-based asset management, from anywhere at any time

    Convenient web-based access, and your choice of three levels of management Access the Yale Vision portal via desktop, laptop or tablet – anywhere you have an internet connection - and you’ll see every truck in your fleet that’s been equipped with the compact and rugged telemetry module.

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    It’s about the technology - plus the team

    Data is great, but your Yale® Dealer will make it work for you Yale Vision is a great addition to your management toolkit. But when you partner with your Yale® Dealer, you get the best of both worlds – great fleet data plus the unmatched knowledge and experience that can help you get the most out of every truck in your fleet.

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