• Web-based asset management, from anywhere at any time

    Convenient web-based access, and your choice of three levels of management

    Access the Yale Vision portal via desktop, laptop or tablet – anywhere you have an internet connection - and you’ll see every truck in your fleet that’s been equipped with the compact and rugged telemetry module. The system communicates via cellular or Wi-Fi connection to our secure Yale Vision portal. Fleets with multiple brands are no problem, enabling you to equip your non-Yale® lift trucks with the same technology. A customized dashboard handles the data analysis, providing clear, concise and interactive reports to enable assessment of fleet performance, efficiency and operator performance.Three levels of management, ranging from Wireless Monitoring to Wireless Access to Wireless Verification, provide you a customized level of asset management for your operation – with a clear upgrade path if your needs change over time.

    Wireless Monitoring

    Remote hour meter/usage tracking

    View and manage key performance indicator data per truck, fleet and location.

    The Usage Tracking application can create reports that show the utilization of individual or fleets of trucks. These calculations are hour meter-based over user-specified intervals such as shift, day or other time period. Shift utilization comparisons can easily be generated and viewed, providing valuable insight into localized performance levels.

    Fault code tracking

    Track and respond to CAN-based fault codes.

    Fault Code Tracking can be configured to send email alerts of fault code events by specific vehicle. Depending on severity, the fault can be stored for attention at the next service, sent to the dealer and/or customer to alert the need for service at the next opportunity, or used to initiate a call for immediate attention.

    Impact sensing

    Report, display and log impact events.

     Receive alerts via email and the portal anytime an impact exceeds the preset g-force with the Rapid Messenger option. Data recorded and reported include truck ID, operator ID (if properly equipped), asset serial number and details of the impact event, including the time, direction of the impact, as well as the force.

    Cost of operations

    Aggregate ALL your costs – see your real TCO.  

    Depending on your level of management automation, truck costs can be automatically and/or manually entered to produce comprehensive operational reports per truck, fleet andlocation. Acquisition, maintenance, and operator costs can be totaled and viewed as cost per hour, day, week, month or year as needed with a user-specified date range. Single or multiple trucks can be grouped as needed for reporting and management purposes.

    PM tracker

    Remotely view and manage equipment servicing, all via the Yale Vision portal.

     Select and view service types, set service intervals and develop a totally customized preventive maintenance program, all based on actual hours in service. Service history and forecast maintenance activities can be viewed and managed by truck and fleet groups. Complete PM service records are available via the portal interface whenever required.

    Wireless Access

    Wireless monitoring package, plus access control and automatic shutdown


    Access control 

    Prevent unauthorized operation by untrained operators.

    The wireless asset management system on the truck can be set up to prevent access of the unit by an untrained operator. The operator credentials are entered via the web portal and include details of the operator, badge ID number and training expiration date.


    Automatic shutdown 

    Save energy when trucks are not in use.

    When enabled, this option detects truck activity and operator presence, commanding a shutdown when preset inactive parameters are met. If your facility is enrolled in an energy audit or carbon footprint program, this documented energy conservation initiative provides clear evidence of lift truck compliance.

    Wireless Verification

    Wireless access package, plus operator pre-shift checklist

    Operator pre-shift checklist

    Help ensure operators complete mandatory checklists
    – before truck operation.

    OSHA requires that all forklifts be examined at least once daily before being placed in service. Checklists can be programmed right into the Yale Vision unit, with full visibility via the portal. Your operators will be automatically disciplined to run through all required checks prior to startup and truck movement.