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Limited capital budgets

Limited capital for new equipment can affect all aspects of your operation and your ability to meet the needs of your customers.

How can you better manage tight capital budgets?

  • Right-size your lift truck fleetwith a fleet management plan
  • Establish an appropriate maintenance plan to help extend useful life of your equipment
  • Evaluate leasing programs for lift truck acquisition needs
Deploy the right solutions for the job

Labor retention

Even the most successful companies struggle with recruiting and retaining qualified talent in a tough working environment.

How are you going to reduce turnover?

  • Offer advanced ergonomic lift truck solutions to help reduce musculoskeletal problems
  • Implement training and development programs to keep your team engaged
  • Minimize downtime to keep your workforce productive
Deploy the right solutions


You face the challenge of meeting strong demand for quality metal products while minimizing adverse effects on the environment and human health.

How are you going to minimize the impact?

  • Source from suppliers who strive for a greener supply chain
  • Develop a recycling plan for by-products of your operation
  • Embrace alternative power sources in your lift truck equipment
Exceed sustainability goals


Working in the steel industry can be a very dangerous occupation.

How can you help keep your employees safeand reduce incidents?

  • Use telematics to track lift truck access and provide training updates
  • Deploy equipment to handle variable loads and capacity
  • Enhance visibility and operator protection with next generation equipment
Help minimize risk and maximize compliance

Tough environments

Dust, dirt and debris, along with extreme heat, can push your materials handling equipment and operators to their limit.

How are you going to optimize uptime?

  • Beat the heat with options designed to help protect the operator and truck components
  • Maximize productivity with high performance lift trucks offering low maintenance costs
  • Install equipment to defend against dust and debris
Combat the tough conditions

Load variation

Semi-finished or finished metal products vary significantly in type, shape, size and weight presenting particular handling challenges.

How are you going to handle challenging loads?

  • Deploy large capacity trucks offering flexible solutions
  • Use attachments specific to steel handling applications
  • Use equipment with advanced hydraulics for smooth load handling
Big loads need big solutions


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Proven Approaches

Demonstrated to achieve results

Innovations to help improve productivity and safety-ultimately lowering your operating costs.

Protect the bottom line

Extract actionable insights from lift truck telematics tohelpimprove efficiency and productivity.

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Enhance productivity through safety

Reduce costs and boost employee performance with a comprehensive lift truck safety program.

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Unlock cost savings and performance

Offering the broadest variety of power options-unrestricting your choice and a power solution built around your unique requirements for costs, labor, maintenance, emissions, space and more.

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Berger Recycling Case Study

Berger Recycling, a New England recycling operation, was frustrated with equipment failure. See how a Yale fleet keeps their business running.

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