The simply smarter forklift series

Affordable Yale UX Series forklifts

The performance and expertise you expect from the Yale brand at a price point that fits the budgets of a wide variety of operations.

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The balance of performance and cost from a trusted brand

For more than a century, Yale has led the industry in forklift manufacturing and design. Our affordable UX Series forklifts combine that leading expertise with a price point that suits the budgets of a wide variety of operations, from retail stores and warehouses to home centers and mom-and-pop shops. But they aren’t just reliable forklifts at the right price. Each UX model is backed by the responsive, local support of our independent dealer network.

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A variety of options for a variety of operations

Whether you’re looking for an electric warehouse forklift, a sit-down forklift, pallet truck, or a walkie, the Yale UX series comes with the reliability, performance, ergonomics, and support you need.

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