Grow. Catch. Raise.

U.S. farms are expected to produce 70% more to meet growing demands.


You’re doing more. Your equipment should, too.

With over 2.1 million farms across the U.S., one American farm is expected to feed over 160 people worldwide – but that won’t be enough by 2050.

Harsh environments

Tired, old equipment won’t cut it. Meet harsh environments head-on with smart equipment built to withstand the elements and increase uptime.

Plow through the elements and increase uptime

  • Use equipment engineered to help protect against dust and debris
  • Help shield against harsh environments with galvanized products
  • Partner with a provider that has the diverse line of lift trucks to meet your unique demands
Stand up to the elements

Labor retention

Agriculture is the single largest employer in the world, directly employing over 24 million workers in the United States. But hiring and retaining employees is easier said than done. Your equipment should be an asset, not an obstacle.

Stop churning and enhance productivity

  • Offer advanced ergonomic solutions for operator comfort and performance all shift
  • Take charge with efficient practices and equipment tailored to the operator’s skill level
  • Use telematics solutions to track truck access and training updates
Retain top talent

Shrinking margins

Don’t settle for status quo. Get the right tools to drive greater efficiencies, increase profitability and reduce downtime and maintenance costs.

Boost profitability

  • Control costs with lift trucks that improve fuel efficiency and lower maintenance costs
  • Free up capital and get the flexibility you need with leasing programs designed around your business
  • Maximize productivity with high performance lift trucks and lower replacement part costs
Protect your bottom line

Food safety regulations

Your operation is essential. So is protecting it from contamination. Time for smart solutions to help you reduce your risk.

Mitigate risk and protect your operations

  • Help mitigate food contamination risk with equipment designed to reduce rust and repainting
  • Utilize food-grade lubricants that are USDA inspection-ready and non-toxic
  • Reduce bacteria absorption by utilizing lift trucks with impenetrable materials
Nurture food safety


Take control with these game changing solutions

Proven Approaches

Demonstrated to achieve results

You deserve proven innovations designed to help increase operational efficiency and achieve next level performance.

Enhancing productivity through safety

Your operation is under more pressure to produce, but safety can’t be compromised. Explore a step-by-step approach to help build a safe, productive workplace.

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Unlock cost savings and performance

One-size does not fit all. With the industry’s widest range of power sources from a variety of brands, you can get the very best solution based on the needs of your operation – not based on a manufacturer’s limited choices or compatibility.

Unlock the power of your operation

Food-grade lubricants

Product contamination from lift truck lubricant exposure can be disastrous, especially if your product has been shipped before contamination is detected. Don’t take this sitting down – take action to help protect your operation.

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Wash-down packages

You deserve equipment that stands up to the job. Protect productivity with the durability of galvanized steel designed especially for corrosive environments and frequent wash-downs.

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Impenetrable materials

Sanitation and disinfection are non-negotiable – don’t settle for anything less. Closed cell rubber and engineered composites allow for thorough surface sanitization of equipment through non-porous cells and reduce vapor transmission, making touch points less likely to absorb water or bacteria.

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